MW Law is proud to offer flat-fee and hassle-free document preparation and review services for all corporate finance or syndication deals.

Whether you’re a startup raising a financing round, a syndicator putting a deal together, or an investment group looking to fund, let us prepare and review your legal documentation without the hassle of hourly billing.

Our services include the review and preparation of all necessary documents, including:

  • Company (Operating) Agreements

  • Management/GP Agreements

  • SPV Organizational Documents

  • Private Placement Memorandums (Offering Memorandums)

  • Subscription Agreements

  • Investor Suitability Questionnaires

Our services also include the formation of SPV’s and other vehicles with the same flat-fee model.

With our new-age approach to legal services, we’re there with you from the beginning through the closing of the deal.


Other Services